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Turf Solutions

Project Highlight

2023 PGA Championship Host: Oak Hill Country Club East Course

  • Signature 900 Bunker Sand
  • Specialty Formulated Greens Construction Mix

Our Services

  • Performance Sands/Sports Turf Maintenance

    Bunker Sands, Divot Mix, Specialty Sand, Straight Sand Topdressing, and more!

  • Surfactant Products / Specialty Products

    Greens & Tees, Fairways, Coursewide Injection, Stressed Areas, Caltrisal ST, Radiance, LeafShield,
    and CapSil.

  • Equipment

    Sweep-N-Fill III has several benefits. Learn more!

  • Turf & Ornamental Chemicals

    Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides, Plant Growth Regulators, and more!

  • Granular Fertilizers / Granular Fertilizer Combos

    Turf King Standard SGN 220, Enhanced SGN 220, and more!

  • Contact us

    Have questions or ready to place and order, contact us today!

Why Choose Us

Weaver Golf & Turf Solutions specializes in providing high quality bunker sands, top dressings, divot mixes and construction mixes for golf course facilities.    We also carry a full line of construction and maintenance products for the Sports Field Industry.  We furnish silica sand for long jump pits, outdoor volleyball courts, beaches and recreational parks.  We distribute these products and services throughout the Northeast.

Servicing Over
Golf Courses in New York and Pennyslvania