Granular Fertilizers

Turf King Standard SGN 220

Turf King SGN 220 is the ideal fertilizer for golf course rough, ornamental lawns, athletic fields, and general grass areas kept over three inches in height

Turf King Mini SGN 150

Fairways, tees, and turf areas kept under half of an inch would benefit from Turf King SGN 150. This lightly smaller granular fertilizer allows these areas of turf to absorb fertilizer as it is spread easily.

Turf King Micro SGN 90

Turf King SGN 90 is the smallest granular fertilizer we manufacture through a precise screening process to provide the ideal product for the finest turf surfaces. Greens and tees will benefit from these micro blends that have the ability to sift through the thatch layer of the green's surface while maintaining a playable surface. This allows the ability to fertilize as need despite course traffic. 

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