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Better Aggregation, Less Aggravation with Caltrisal ST.

Caltrisal ST™ is a unique organic acid formulation that improves the solubility of gypsum, allowing more calcium to be released for better availability and more complete sodium displacement. Caltrisal ST also aggregates clay soil particles which improves structure and increases porosity for better water infiltration and salt leaching.

  • Improves the solubility of gypsum
  • Releases more calcium for better sodium displacement
  • Better aggregation of clay soils
  • Improves infiltration and leaching

Rid your ponds, lakes, and fountains of algae today.

Radiance prevents algae in ponds, lakes and fountains using a self-dispersing delivery system that stays suspended in the water column.

Unlike traditional copper-based products, Radiance does not require agitation, special equipment or complicated techniques to apply.  Radiance can offer you many benefits including:

  • Self-disperses from a single application point
  • Keeps algae blooms from occurring
  • Safe for fish-bearing ponds
  • Less copper is released into the environment

Start protecting your greens against winter stress with Leaf Shield.

LeafShield provides a safe, effective, and affordable way to protect your trees, shrubs and turf against winter desiccation.

LeafShield is an odorless, non-sticky formulation that mixes easily with water, making sprayer application a breeze, and washes away with soap and water, making cleanup quick and easy. Some more ways LeafShield can benefit your course:

  • Natural looking finish
  • Stays flexible and will not discolor foliage
  • Reduces transplant shock and transpiration stress
  • Easy to apply and won’t gum up sprayers

Avoid unnecessary repeat treatments, use CapSil.

CapSil ensures uniform spreading and coverage of foliar directed sprays on the first application. You get the results you expect and avoid the expense of unnecessary repeat treatments.

CapSil is a 100% active blend of organo-silicone and non-ionic surfactants that enables solutions to spread over the entire leaf surface evenly. Benefits of using CapSil include:

  • Ensures uniformity and spreading of foliar applied products
  • Reduces disease incidence
  • Safe to use – no concern of burn

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